Deep Cleanse  
60 minutes
QR 350

It is designed to cleanse combination skin. Expect some steam and removal of unwanted impurities manually.  
Safe for mammas-to-be.
Deep Cleanse Advance
75 minutes
QR 450 

Soft hydro-peeling or scaling is used to treat oily or acne-prone skin. A safe and gentle exfoliation to remove tough impurities. Relieve and prevent acne for a fresh and flawless finish. 
Octoline Advance
90 mintues
QR 550 

This exceptional treatment encourages the penetration of highly active vitamins and nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. Boosts hydration levels, brightens hyper pigmentation and prevent premature aging.
Octoline Anti-Aging
90 minutes
QR 700

Re-ignite your skins passion for youthfulness. Rebalance skin metabolism to stimulate collagen and elastin production with Sono or Ultrasound anti-wrinkling and lifting treatments. Tightens and firms sagging skin.
Back and Front by Mama Mio
75 minutes

QR 450

‘Safe for mammas-to-be’. Treat and relax back and face in one go.
Jet Oxygen
75 minutes

QR 600

The powerful oxygen jet brightens and energizes dullness and gives a healthy gleam to the natural color of the skin. The perfect prep treatment before a special event and gives a great canvas to apply make up. Perfect for you naughty smokers.
Oxy - Contour Eye Treatment
30 minutes

QR 250

Beautiful and brighter eyes.  Oxygen makes all the difference; improves collagen production to prevent and diminish fine lines. Dark circles seem less visible. Eye contour mask is applied for the finishing touch.
Ideal as an add-on to any facial.
Diamond Micro-Resurfacing (Temporarily Not Available)
60 minutes

QR 700

The unique diamond-chipped hand, luxuriously peels away a range of skin conditions. Say goodbye to acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and enlarged pores. 
Treatment comprises of: cleansing, diamond resurfacing and calming mask. Unwind with a shoulder or foot massage. 
Crystal Micro-Resurfacing
60 minutes

QR 600

Crystals are jetted on the skin to gently resurface its outer layer. Get rid of a wide variety of skin problems. Fine lines and wrinkles feel instantly softer, acne and black heads appear smoother. 

Treatment comprises of: cleansing, crystal resurfacing and calming mask. De-stress with a shoulder or foot massage.